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What do you get when you combine four young lads, a metric ton of gear that comprises most of their net worth, and an old van with busted AC? Yes, you got it! This traveling band is The Empties, a group whose sound cannot be described as anything less than unforgettable and electrifying. Their individually unique and varied musical styles come together to create music that connects with listeners of all ages, with a digestible sound. 

The Empties playing live music in toronto ontario

The Empties @ Rainbow Bistro, Ottawa, July 2023

As the travelling van rattles to a stop at its next venue, out comes responsible driver and soulful lead singer Zeke Wilson. Carrying nothing but a mic and his good looks Zeke leads the group on to the stage . Dueling guitarists Ethan Flanagan and Ben Hagedoorn are off in the greenroom, practicing their epic solos and vocal harmonies. Finally, keyboardist Liam Moore rallies the group for sound check with his jazzy, extended chords and memorable synth lead lines. Together, this cohesive fusion of musicians charms audiences with their invigorating tunes.

Since they moved to Toronto and started pursuing music full-time, they’ve been checking off the list of legendary venues for their headlining, self-promoted shows, including Lee's Palace (Toronto), Horseshoe Tavern (Toronto), Rainbow Bistro (Ottawa), and La Sala Rossa (Montreal). Other noteworthy performances include opening for Half Moon Run at The Mansion Fest and hitting the stage at The MacKinnon Brothers Music Festival. 



The Empties @ The Rainbow Bistro, Jan 2023

the empties selling merch for a live music event in toronto

Summer Kickoff The Empties Music Festival @ The Mansion, July 1st, 2023

Their current project involves an eight-track album set for release June of 2024, funded by Factor and produced by Juno Award winning producer Chris Stringer.  This follows their 2022 debut EP, "Beyond the Cover," which amassed 70k streams since its release. The Empties are well on their way to becoming a reputable Toronto band, and they are doing everything they can to continue the momentum by working around the clock promoting, producing, and playing shows throughout Canada.


Dino DiMuro, Pitch Perfect

The Empties performing at live music events in toronto

The Empties featured on page 2 of The Kingston Whig Standard, Sep. 22nd 2022

The Empties performing at live music events in toronto

The Empties featured in The Queen's Journal, Februrary 3rd 2023

The Empties talk "Beyond the Cover" and the Band's BackstoryCFRC 101.9 - Meet The Empties
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"The band put on a really fun show, full of youthful energy and musicianship combining elements of rock, R&B, funk, soul and indie-pop into a unique soundscape that had the crowd dancing the night away"

The Empties Featured in Dropout's article by Jesse Read 


The Empties performing their unreleased tune "Riverside" at The Rainbow Bistro in Ottawa, July 2023

The Empties first festival appearance at Mansionfest opening for Half Moon Run, 2022

The Empties - "Fool's Gold"  Video Montage


In June of 2022, The Empties released their self-produced debut EP “Beyond the Cover”. The 3-song project showcases The Empties’ ability to blend elements of different genres and influences into a cohesive sound. “Fool’s Gold”, the EP’s closing track, amassed over 30k streams within 2 months of the project’s release, now 70k. “Beyond the Cover” marks the beginning of The Empties’ musical career as the band plans to release a full studio album in the coming months.

The Empties performing at live music events in toronto
Leave Me Be
Fool's Gold


Kingston, Ontario


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